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The resources listed below are compiled from a variety of sources by coalitions and CADCA researchers alike. Some are freely available online, and we have included direct links in those cases. For protected content, please reach out to CADCA using the form behind the “View” button, and we will assist you in accessing the information. Use the fields below to search for toolkit resources, including training guides, courses, white papers, studies, webinars and more. We will be adding more resources to this page soon.

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SBIRT Implementation Plan This document contains an implementation checklist that helps coalitions identify what resources and information they have already and what they need to work on or develop in order to implement SBIRT. Courses and Training Implementation
The Power of Prevention: Using SBIRT with Young People This video was shared by Tammy Molter (West Allis-West Milwaukee Community Coalition) during the CADCA Mid-Year Training Institute 2018 session titled Integrating SBIRT Services: Lessons from the field. Developed by Community Catalyst, a non-profit health care advocacy organization, to promote SBIRT for substance use disorders. Use this video to engage and educate community members, policymakers, key stakeholders, and providers about the importance of prevention and the use of verbal or written screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) to reduce the effects of substance use disorders in our communities. Courses and Training, Videos and Multimedia Capacity
SBIRT For Youth Learning Community Webinar: Instruments for Screening This webinar explores the necessity of application of SBIRT in various youth settings, and how to properly implement through screening and assessment processes. Screening Tools, Courses and Training, Videos and Multimedia Implementation
Motivational Interviewing (MI) Overview for Social Workers Motivational interviewing (MI) is a communication style designed to strengthen someone’s personal motivation for a certain goal and is handy for SBIRT because behaviors change can be accomplished with very brief counseling. This webinar provides the MI assumptions, processes, and tools involved with SBIRT steps. The curriculum is on this webpage simply register to view, the content is available for free with registration. Courses and Training, Websites Implementation
SBIRT for Youth This webinar is for those implementing SBIRT is a school environment. It provides a case study experience from King County Washington, as well as ideas for evaluation and for the sustainability of SBIRT in schools. Courses and Training, Videos and Multimedia Assessment, Planning, Evaluation
Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT): Implementation Experiences in School Based Health Centers This webinar shares the experiences of Morris Heights Health Center (MHHC), an FQHC serving 17,000 students in 17 sites in the Bronx, NYC. The decision to partner with school systems is explored and each step of the SPF is unpacked. Coalitions deciding which community partners are best for them should tune in. Screening Tools, Courses and Training, Videos and Multimedia Assessment, Planning, Evaluation
SBIRT For Youth Learning Community Webinar Featuring Bridget Murphy and Evan Elkin This webinar discusses SBIRT implementation within the Juvenile Justice (JJ) system. Implementation varies greatly from probation and supervision, school arrests & first arrests, to truancy court. Coalitions will learn how to partner with (JJ), tips for evaluating this work, and strategic planning with special considerations for this population. Courses and Training, Videos and Multimedia Assessment, Planning, Evaluation
Administering and Interpreting Adolescent-Specific Screening Instruments and Results This PowerPoint provides validity, administration & scoring, and utility information for the youth SBIRT screening tools (CRAFFT, S2BI, NIAA Youth Guide & Single-Item Screens, GAIN-SS, and the Patient Health Questionaire-2). Screening Tools, Courses and Training Implementation
Introduction to SBIRT Webinar This course is designed like an employee orientation to SBIRT is a fictional health center. Great resource for employee onboarding and implementation guidance. Comes with CEUs. Courses and Training, Websites Implementation
Systems-Level Implementation of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) SAMHSA gives you a managerial plan for implementing SBIRT programs for people with substance abuse disorders. Contains language on history of SBIRT, challenges, case-studies, and a breakdown on sustainability. Courses and Training, Websites Assessment, Capacity, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation
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