Greater New Orleans Drug Demand Reduction

(America’s Community Coalitions Expanding SBIRT Services)

Contact: D.G. Mawn & Seton Jenkins 504-236-6027
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Current Drug Issue:
● Alcohol
● Marijuana

According to DDRC, New Orleans faces a challenge because public schools in the parish are predominately charter schools and there are no centralized decision makers. There is also low participation in the Louisiana Caring Communities Youth Survey (CCYS) from Orleans parish. With lack of school survey data, New Orleans continues to face a disadvantage to secure funding for children and families and contribute to lack of services for adolescents. This also impacts New Orleans ability to apply for Drug Free Communities grants and other grants that require reporting of CCYS indicators. Therefore, DDRC will focus their grant resources on increasing participation of New Orleans schools in the CCYS from 10% to 70% to obtain valid measures of tobacco, alcohol and marijuana for 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th graders. They also plan to educate potential SBIRT partners on advantages of using SBIRT especially its role in prevention by showing them effectiveness data and hosting an informational session or summit to gain commitment from partners. The main focus of the Hilton resources will be to develop partnerships with institutions from other communities that have implemented SBIRT and using that to expand implementation in Orleans Parish.


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